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Decorating with White Walls

May 08, 2012 By: admin Category: Kitchen

Decorating with White Kitchen

Decorating with White Modern Color and Schemes

When you move in your new apartment, commonly the walls are painted with plain white. It is your decision to let the walls white or paint with new colors and schemes. Usually most people tend to paint the walls with new colors since they think that white walls are dull. But, how if you rent a home in which the owner doesn’t let you to make any improvement including painting the walls? In fact, white walls can be magnificent too as long as they are decorated properly. Even, there are some stunning ideas of decorating with white walls without painting. Aside from beautiful look, decorating with white walls is also practical and money-saving since you don’t need to paint the walls again. Below are some decorating styles that you can try.

Kitchen Decorating with White FurnitureIf you like sleek and modern style, wall art can be an excellent and inexpensive idea of decorating with white walls. Go to craft store in your area to buy a large blank canvas and paint it with your favorite colors. Even if you don’t like painting, you could simply staple instant art, fabric, or voila on the white walls. Another idea of decorating with white walls is to do nothing with the walls but bring color into the room with multicolored accents and fabrics and painted furniture. This style is called shabby style. The key to make this idea works is the ability to creatively mix and match the furniture pieces so they can add new impression to the whole room.

Decorating with White Wall Tone Room

Kitchen Decorating with White WallsIf you don’t like shabby styles neither canvas wall art, bookshelves can be great idea of decorating with white walls. Place at least two tall bookshelves and use scrapbook paper to line the back of the shelves. Just use tape or glue to attach the scrapbook to the shelves. Adding some lighting to the shelves will make them and the room more appealing. Place some simple decorative pieces and accessories on the shelves. This decorating with white walls will make the bookshelves the showcase of the room and give tone and personality into the room, disparaging from the deadly white walls.

The simplest way of decorating with white walls is using curtains. Treat the white walls as a huge window and drape the curtains to cover the whole walls. Or, you can just cover the top of the walls. Choose the curtains in attractive colors and patterns to make the dull white walls transform into fabulous walls.

Kitchen Interior Decorating White

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