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Design Ideas for Living Rooms in Classic Touches

April 19, 2012 By: admin Category: Living Rooms

Design Ideas for Living Rooms Contemporary Characteristic

When many people tend to choose contemporary design for their living room due to its minimalist and modern look, traditional design ideas for living rooms are still demanded. People love the idea of elegant and exclusive look generated from a traditional living room. Typically designed furniture and affectionate colors blend each other to build an alluring space for pleasurable. While contemporary living rooms are often calculated for casual family gatherings and watching movie, a traditional living room is designed for more formal setting. The design ideas for living rooms in classic touches are actually flexible. You can combine some modern and traditional elements to make a comfy and functional space.

Design Ideas for Living RoomsThe classic design ideas for living rooms can be achieved through decorative legs, soft lines, formal seating arrangement, and the use of antique elements. In order to put classic touches in the living room, place furniture with attractive wooden legs. Old-fashioned sofas, tables, and chair with curved wooden legs can insert a feel of formality to a living room. You can buy furniture with decorative legs in Sheraton, Queen Anne Federal Style or Chippendale. From those stores, you can buy the original items. If you’d like to look for the reproductions you can go to home supply stores. Antique furniture stores are the ideal sources of design ideas for living rooms.

Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Design Ideas for Living Rooms Classic Decorative

Unlike modern living room which uses straight lines, traditional design ideas for living rooms employ delicately curving essentials.

The soft lines can be attained from tables with rounded edges, couches with gracefully curved arms and backs, and lamps with elastic bases. When it comes to choose decorative pieces, search for accessories with soft lines, too. There are some pieces that are excellent for classic design ideas for living rooms such a wrought iron candle scone and picture frames with detail and ornamentation. Avoid glass cut short frames and a four-sided figure mirrored tile vessel.

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Design Ideas for Living Rooms GuestsOne of the traditional design ideas for living rooms is formal seating arrangement. Build an arrangement that is favorable to chat. Classic design ideas for living rooms include the setting of central points. A low coffee table, picture window, or a fireplace can be a nice focus in the room. Surround it with sofas or love seat, reading chairs, and coffee table. To keep the classic look, don’t place TV in the living room. Instead, put more chairs so visitors can face each other to have more conversation.

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