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Home Decor Ideas for Western Home Style

February 26, 2012 By: admin Category: Basic Decoration, Color Decoration Ideas, Home Painting

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Western home style is a fun and interesting theme for people who like the combination of a modern house and an old west boundary home. You can get many ideas to create a unique western home from antique shops, flea markets, and estate sales which sell decorative items. You can bring some special touches for your home but there are some basic home decor ideas for western home style that need to be achieved including masculine features, oversized pieces of furniture, cozy rugged and leather, and well-worn wood. The combination of those ideas will result in a magnificent western home style. In creating that kind of home, you need to pay attention to some points such as exterior, kitchen, and finishing touches. These home decor ideas below can aid you get the home as you want.

Home Decor IdeasFirst of all, emphasize the exterior design of your home. To create a western exterior decor, some home decor ideas can be used. Let’s begin with your hallway. Don’t let it empty. It should be something like for example, a few chairs made of stone. These pieces are useful to display a welcoming entryway so that anyone entering the house can get a warm welcome. Another idea is to hang lanterns or set a wooden wagon wheel. Wishing for a western home style means that you should love plants and flower. Wash tubs, old oak barrels, or wheelbarrows are suitable to plant some vibrantly colorful flowers. Some varieties of grasses and cactus are other excellent home decor ideas for western home exterior.

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After the exterior is done, let’s go to the kitchen. This room has a vital role to emphasize the western style. The western kitchen style is usually very large and full of kitchen stuffs which are well-arranged. The look of western style can be seen from the cabinets and accessories. Home decor ideas for the cabinets lay on their western motifs such as barbed wire, longhorns, cowboy hats, steer skulls, stars, and boots. Cowboy campfire accessories can be one of attractive home decor ideas. Use bright American Indian fabrics to complete the look of your cozy kitchen.

Home Kitchen Interior Decor IdeasThe most important part of home decor ideas in on the final touches. Your home can have an authentic look of western style with some small decorative pieces. You can hunt some pieces like well-worn cowboy boots, statues, framed cowboy photos, old posters, and antiques guns from flea market. Chandeliers, leather couches, old music instruments, and rustic lamps are the other home decor ideas for this style.

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