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Kids Room Decor Based on Gender and Age

July 06, 2012 By: admin Category: Kids Rooms

Kids Room Decor Private Zone

Kids Room Decor Pink ColorDecorating kids room decor is really fun to do. You are able to do that together with your kids. They will be totally excited in involving that mission. You are able to ask them what they want to set in their bathroom and what their favorite colors to be applied in the room. Then, you can go to some magazines or articles from internet to get newest references and inspirations. Choose some examples from the photos about kids room decor idea in those magazines and articles. Then, ask your kids to choose one of them.

Kids Room Blue Theme Decor IdeasWhy do you have to give your kids some portions of involvement in deciding what kids room decor that they want for their private zone? You have to give your kids some portions of involvement in deciding what the room décor that they want since the room will be their home base. That is the place where they do not need to pretend or disguise to be anyone else. That also becomes a place where they keep their own properties such their beloved toys, books, and clothes. So, ask them about their favorite kids room decor to make the room more comfortable to be stayed by your kids.

Kids Room Decor Inspiration

Cheap Kids Room DecorThis article will give you two ideas of kids room decor as references. Hopefully the ideas will stimulate your own inspiration in doing more. Gender and age are two things that you have to pay much attention to. If your kids are a girl, pink will be a good idea for it. However, what other colors to be splashed and added as combination is necessary to define. You can color the wall with pink. It is up to you to choose either wallpaper or painting. For the furniture such as a bed, shelf, closet, table, drawer, and also chair, white color will be great for it. Choose a maroon curtain for the window and also the bed sheet. Stood lamp with an orange shade will make it more perfect. You can add the orange in the rug with flower shapes to be applied on the floor of the room. Your girls will love this kids room decor.

For a boy with ages of 8 to 12, combination between line green and blue will be incredible to apply for kids room decor. For the wall, you can choose blue. To make it great, add lime green touch in the furniture. Bold that combination used in that kids room decor with a bright color like red for the bed sheet and the single sofa there.

Kids Room Decor Furniture Green Ideas

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