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Kids Room Decorating Ideas with Orange Color

July 07, 2012 By: admin Category: Kids Rooms

Kids Room Decorating Ideas Color Combination

Kids Room Decorating IdeasOrange is such an uncommon color for bedroom decoration. People in general think that this color is challenging to be combined and mixed with other colors. It is since orange is too vibrant and wild for kids room decorating ideas. If you apply this color too much in your kids room decorating ideas, the atmosphere around the room seems to be hotter. That is also able to make your kids’ eyes painful. It will be such a bad distraction, right?

However, if you are smart in finding a good color to be the spouse of orange, incredible looks will be created in the room. Besides color combination, you also have to be careful in picking decorations for kids room decorating ideas with orange colors. It will be a dangerous boomerang if you are careless in applying the color. So, your kids will complain. They will not be able to stand on their room for long time. It is really sad, right? Don’t you have any idea for applying orange in kids room decorating ideas? If you do not have any idea for that mission, here are two examples that will be a good reference and stimulus for your own inspiration.

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Kids Room Decorating Ideas Furniture

Lime green and leafy green will be good for accompanying orange in kids room decorating ideas. Orange ideas do not mean that you have to apply orange for the wall of the room and flooring only. Furniture is one of elements in your bedroom that can be orange. You can choose an orange shelf, cupboard, chair, and also bed frame. Then, lime green choice can be applied in doors of your drawer and stood lamp shade. To bold the color, you need something darker than those colors. Leafy green plays that kind of role really well. You can apply that color for the rug and pillow sheets. To make kids room decorating ideas not too terrifying with orange, paint your wall with white color.

Kids Room Decorating Painting Forest Theme IdeasAnother combination for kids room decorating ideas with orange touch is using purple. That sounds weird maybe. However, the look of it does not say so. In modern home design, you can try something uncommon as long as it looks beautiful, balance and simple. Choose purple cabinets and shelves to complete your orange bed frame and also your orange chair. You can also apply purple for the pillow sheets. For the floor, tan wood parquet is recommended to make the room more orange. You can paint one side of the walls with that color. Balance that option of orange kids room decorating ideas by painting the rest walls with white.

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