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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Playing the Unusual Color Combination

March 24, 2012 By: admin Category: Basic Decoration, Bedrooms

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas Experiment

People always paint or paper their wall with ‘safe zone’ choice such as white, grey, or cream. It is because those colors are neutral for any style of your bedroom. It is a traditional idea and, sorry to say, a boring idea also. If you want to make renovation to get it different, you should start to find master bedroom decorating ideas. The best idea is changing your traditional color with something more modern and vibrant. You should show that you are a good risk taker through incommon master bedroom decorating ideas.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas PhotosYou do some amazing experiment in your bedroom with brilliant master bedroom decorating ideas. If you need some references, you can get many from a thousand websites in the internet. Some of them are rooms to go, hgtv, and pottery barn. The websites will help you refresh your mind to get fresh master bedroom decorating ideas to be applied in your own room. You can get master bedroom decorating design that suits your need and interest through master bedroom decorating photos provided there.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas Color

Master Bedroom Decorating Design IdeasTaking lethal risk in playing unusual combination of color palette is not extremely dangerous if you know the tricks and find good guidance. Some home website gives you some examples what color you should combine to get super fantastic result. Have you ever tried to combine blue and brown? You must raise your eyebrows when getting this combination as one of master bedroom decorating ideas recommended by the experts in house beautiful idea. The combination is so incredible. You can give the wall a shot of sea bllue and splash brown for the decoration. How awesome it is to be apllied in a bedroom of a boy. You can give ethnic touch by setting brownish Chinese batik. That is one of master bedroom decorating ideas suggested by Tom Scheerer.

Master Bedroom Decorating Themes IdeasAnother designer, Mary McDonald also gives you an unusual idea in coloring your bedroom. She suggests you to do great experiment through patterns in red color. Red is a attention sucker. Can it be combined with patterns? Isn’t it overwhelming? If you apply it correctly with appropriate portion, you will get an extravagant result of master bedroom decorating ideas. You can add vintage florals or graphics after painting the wall red. It is so fantastic. When your friends or relatives come into your bedroom, they will envy it. It is so elegant and beautiful. Every morning, you will get new spirit when opening your eyes and looking at the color of your bedroom. You will not feel bored anymore if you open your mind and go out from your safety zone by applying master bedroom decorating ideas.

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