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Simple Decorating Ideas with Blue Tone Inspired

April 02, 2012 By: admin Category: Basic Decoration

Simple Decorating Ideas Renovating your House

Staying in a house with decoration that is always same for long time is boring. Well, house renovation is good simple decorating ideas but some people will think twice before doing that action. That is because of the budget they should prepare for renovating. However, there are some simple decorating ideas that you can implement without super fantastic budget. The ideas will be so friendly with your wallet.

Simple Decorating IdeasBlue is the best color to improve your mood. That gives good effect for your soul. So, here is design with simple decorating ideas inspired by Mediterranean Sea as a good alternative to start renovating your house. There is a house located near Mediterranean Sea that is designed with the ideas. You can adopt it for your own room. The designer who handles this design is Lazaro Rosa. The house was so traditional. Then the designer explores his simple decorating ideas to make the house more modern.

Simple Home Decorating Ideas

Simple Decorating Ideas with Recycled Furniture

To implement the simple decorating ideas, the designer does not use new materials. It is so good for your financial issue, right? For the interior of the house, you can do the same as what the designer does to the house. He uses recycled furniture and decorations. Blue is the color that he chooses to give sea touch and view for the house. You do not need to move into Mediterranean Sea to implement the simple decorating ideas. You can enjoy the same atmosphere using blue color for the decoration and implementing what the designer does such as using some glasses and open window to let the sunshine come inside the house.

Real Simple Decorating Ideas

Simple Decorating Ideas for BedroomsTo make the house bright and airy, you can add white color to complete the blue one. Those tones are the best combination to bring the panoramic situation of the sea in the simple decorating ideas. For your living room, you can use sofa with blue stripes. For the kitchen and living room, you can choose blue decorations to be set there. Remember, the location of those rooms should be in your ground floor. Then, in the upper floor, you can set bedroom and bathroom with blue and white decoration. The navy paint and rustic look will be successful bringing you into the location. You will get the ambience of Mediterranean Sea inside your house with the simple decorating ideas from Lazaro Rosa.

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