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Wall Decor Ideas to Fulfill Empty Space on the Wall

March 27, 2012 By: admin Category: Basic Decoration, Home Painting, Homekeeping

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Decorating wall is one of actions to make the home look different. As we know that wall is visible part of the room. Wall plays important role in home design. It has great portion to change the situation and atmosphere around the room. So, you should be careful in decorating the wall. If you are wrong in picking wall decor ideas, your room will look horrible. Decorative wall in good portion will make the room look beautiful rather than empty wall without accessories. Wall decoration is able to cheer up the mourning wall. So, what wall decor ideas can you apply to make the room beautiful without too much accent?

Wall Art Decor IdeasThere are some options for wall decor ideas. You can pick one or some to be set in your home. You can hang on some photos, images, paintings, or functional home decors such as candle holders, mirrors, lamp, or bookshelves. Wall decor stickers are also great wall decor ideas. The stickers are not expensive at all. Moreover, you do not need an expert to set. What you need to do is just choosing a good theme for the stickers as wall decor ideas. After deciding your stickers, sticking them on the wall is what you have to do next.

Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas Unique Creative Person

Inspiration of wall decor ideas comes from something that you don’t expect sometimes. A creative person will think put of the box in decorating his home. They will use something that is rarely used to decorate the home. If you like using recycled things, floppy disk will be something decorative. If you have some, you can set it randomly on your wall. Nobody is expecting to keep floppy disk. People usually throw it away however floppy will become fresh wall decor ideas in home design. That is a brilliant solution to be applied to fulfill your empty wall. Besides floppy disk, rare things that you can use as wall decoration are bowl and basket. It sounds ridiculous maybe. However, you will be hypnotized after setting the idea and finding how beautiful the wall is with the bowls or baskets. You can paint the baskets colorfully then arrange them on the wall. That is simple but sophisticated.

Simply Wall Decorating Ideas Tips

Wall Modern Decor Abstract IdeasAnother way of wall decor ideas is decorating the wall with something unique. If you are good at writing, you can write beautiful poems on the wall using paint. Besides exploring your talent, poems and short story are rare wall decor ideas.

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