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Window Decorating Ideas for Your Homes

May 22, 2012 By: admin Category: Basic Decoration, Window Treatments

Window Decorating Ideas Simple for Privacy

Window Decorating Ideas for Your HomeThe main purpose of setting windows in home design is to provide privacy. However, a window can be a focal point of a design which means that it functions as a decorative element too. It means that the windows have double purposes. It is not only set to build privacy for homeowners but also to adorn their home. Plain windows sometimes look dull and boring. You need to give a little decorative touch the windows so they will be one of the sources of appealing look in your home. Window decorating ideas depend on what style you want start from the simplest idea to the intricate ones. Here are some window decorating ideas that are recommended to apply in your lovely home.

Modern Window Decorating IdeasIf you want to bring simplicity to the decor, apply simple window decorating ideas. Simple window decorating ideas doesn’t mean plain treatment. Instead, it can be one pure sheet of lace, a cafe curtain or a roman blind. Try to droop a pure sheet of lace from a low-priced pressure-installed screen pole, and after that drag it to one side and fasten it with a piece of band. A roman blind in a dazzling tone can make the room livelier, particularly when assembled the middle up. Cafe curtains leave the top of the window uncovered to let the light come into the house.

Window Decorating Ideas Popular Design

Designer look is one of the popular and trendy window decorating ideas. You can start the window treatment by mounting blinds, a shade or a simple panel of curtain. After that, put in heavy, fulsome long curtains hung from a strapping curtain pole. Long curtains can be made or bought in some various models, colors, and materials. Whether you look for silk or linen with bright or neutral colors, you can just find them easily in any department store or home improvement store. Although designer look is one of the popular window decorating ideas and many people using them, you can go different by opting fabrics in unusual colors and afterward layering them for an exclusive, striking look.

Full Color Wall Window Decorating IdeasLastly, making the window as the central point of the walls is great window decorating ideas and it can be achieved for example by adding molding around the windows. It aims to set the window apart from the walls nearby. You can, for instance, highlight the window with a frame of a vivid white ceiling molding. It is one of the window decorating ideas which provide a beautiful look. Even it is better to pair with a roman blind or wicker shades, particularly if the walls are painted in darker tones.

Contemporary Window Decorating Ideas

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